Customizable shortcuts

In the world of dedicated pro app. Being able to customise the shortcuts is a must.

That is the standard.

@Hossein_Boroji nailed it. If we can get this functionality it would speed up my workflow tremendously and increase the delightfulness of using the product.

Eagerly waiting for this feature to roll out.

To add to the confusion a little bit, there do seem to be correctly labeled shortcuts within the drop down menus themselves. Notice how the adjust font size shortcuts are different between the menu at the bottom and the menu at the top.

As it is a product for designer we are close to the infamy ! :slight_smile: Localisation please !

As always thanks for all of your feedback here. We just launched the International Keyboard Shortcuts beta for German (QWERTZ), Japanese (Kana), and French (AZERTY). Learn more here on how you can participate

This is just the start in working on improving this area, but we hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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As someone just learning figma moving from Adobe, I initially thought to myself how fast it must be to build a design with Figma, since its streamlined for that purpose, but the lack of hotkeys and hotkey customization means a lot of my commonly used tasks are now multiple clicks away.

As a power user on both Mac and Win, in Austria, I bizarrely was forced to use a Win/US external keyboard, and make a AutoHotKey script just to be able to use figma relatively fluently.
I also use it for changing the default mouse wheel action to zoom.

New feature of adding QWERTZ and other keyboards as a solution seems like adding an insult to the injury as it really only circumvents the real issue of allowing custom keyboard shortcuts.

Otherwise I am a huge fan/early adopter/proponent of figma and its UI.

Worked like a charm. Thanks

I’m wondering if these shortcuts that aren’t able to customize would be improved in the future someday.

  • Return to Instance
  • Copy/Paste as → Copy link
  • Component Property commands in general