Copy/paste prototype interaction on to another element

Almost daily, I need to add the same prototype interactions to different elements. Now I have to select all elements in the page and add the prototype interaction. But after that when I add a new element I have to reproduce the whole interaction. Rater, I just want to copy/past the prototype interaction from an older element onto the new one.
This can also be helpful when an interaction in on a wrong part of the element.

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Great to know, but there’s no way I’d have found that just by playing with the application.

And, as all UX professionals should know “If the user can’t find it, the feature isn’t there”.

It would be nice to have the feature provided in at least the context menu.

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I don’t know, but that doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried to select the frame and use the key combination. Also tried to select interaction lines that I want to copy but that worked either.

@Figma_Support I Jenni had a very good suggestion that the copy/past option for interaction should be in a context menu.

I also found another topic about this issue:

“If the user can’t find it, the feature isn’t there” is not an absolute, especially in niche / expert interfaces like Figma. There are legitimate reasons to bury features. You have to balance power and the appearance of simplicity. The more features you raise to the surface, the more daunting the mental model becomes for newer users.

I do agree though, it would fit nicely in the “copy” context menu section!

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