Copy/paste prototype interactions

It would be great if it were possible to copy and paste interactions as is Fill/Stroke, Effects etc.



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Yeah, them(Fill/Stroke/Effect/Interaction) look like the same.
Not only i can duplicate Interaction in one object,
I will be able to copy from one object and paste it to similar object that need same Interaction.

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Yes. Would be incredibly useful. Currently I can select multiple objects and give them all the same interaction initially, but copy/paste would bring much needed flexibility to working with these.

Up please…
Should also be able to apply interaction to similar objects.


Yes, please!

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Yes. It would be so useful. Wanna it. As the same as copying text styles, color, effects, etc…

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Bump :pray:

I need to copy all Interaction details of one frame to another. It would be great to add smth. like Styles in order to apply the same Interaction settings automatically.

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This would save me so much time!!! Also, if you have an element that is common across all pages - like a header or a footer it would be great if you could set those once or if you copy and paste a design element then it’s prototype settings get copy and pasted too

I would love there to be a way to attach an interaction to a style in the way we do for colors and text. I often find if I’m prototyping a design that has 3 or 4 different interactions then it’s difficult to remember what values go with which interaction without checking

This would also allow for bulk changes to certain interactions if you’re not happy with the speed or direction of the interaction

Try this step:

  1. Select all frame that you want to move
  2. Group all of your selection
  3. Paste to the page / file that you want

all the interaction will be able to remain the same. I hope it will be helpful!

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So now that Interactive Prototypes are officially final. But there is still no clear instruction to how to go about copying and pasting interactions.

Tried copy and paste properties whilst in Prototype mode. Nothing.
Tried copy and paste whilst in Prototype mode. That just copies and paste objects.

problem - prototype destinations are not pasted

It appears that there are very tiny selectors on the side of each interaction within the “Interactions” panel. Selecting the objects first, then selecting these tiny selectors, then Cmd+C & V now I’m able to paste the interactions onto another object(s).

…However the problem now is that the actual destination is translated over to only one (1) destination pointing to the original copy. I was hoping expecting for the destinations to also be pasted onto the new objects I’ve pasted…

If anyone can enlighten these would be appreciated.



Nice feature but it was not easy to understand how this feature actually works.

Reactangles shows the areas where you should click if want select interaction to copy it.