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Copy and Paste Text from Word

  1. How to copy and paste text from Word documents has changed. I’m having trouble pasting into text boxes in particular.

  2. When I copy and paste text from Word it appears as an image in Figma. I have to paste as an image using CMD+V then repaste with CMD+SHIFT+V for the text to paste into a box.

  3. Has the way you copy and paste changed in Figma recently? It seems this little difference is adding quite a lot of time to my workflow at the moment.


I’m noticing the same issue. I do a lot of copy/paste from word docs and such, and this is very inconvenient.


Noticed the same issue @Paul_Giles. I began pasting text from Word to TextEdit (or any text editor) and then copying text from there and pasting it into Figma. It’s an unfortunate extra step, but it works until the direct functionality resumes.

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This is happening for my whole team as well. Very frustrating. I’ve been pasting into my notes app then into Figma

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Same problem here. Since Figma has no spell checker I have to write in word and paste inside text boxes in Figma a lot. Having to paste once with ‘CMND+V’, undo and paste again with ‘CMND+SHIFT+V’ is very annoying. I tried writing all I needed in word first and then thought I’d need to do the double copying just for the first item and then just do ‘CMND+SHIFT+V’ for the rest, but that only pastes the previously copied text again… So I had to do both actions for every box. It’s really annoying and is slowing my work down.

Do we have any ETA for a fix for this bug?
All our MAC users are crying?

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Howdy all! A quick temporary fix is to copy from Word and paste in another program like Google Doc and then copy from there to paste in Figma. This workaround worked for me, hope its helpful!

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Exact same issue, pretty sure it comes from Microsoft, their tools are so user notfriendly. My solution is to open the word document in text edit. Or even better, upload the word document to google docs, it works perfectly. Makes me really think it comes from Microsoft.

Copy/pasting from MS Word doesn’t work well. When I past copied text form Word it won’t paste the text in the text area, but as an image :exploding_head:


What I want is a feature past as plain text. :crossed_fingers:


Same issue, at first I thought it was a problem with Word. Guess it’s some encoding issue at Figma. Hope this gets resolved soon.

Google Docs and MacOS Pages work fine

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Exact same issue here. Anyone from @figma going to respond?

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+1 for the same issue. Seems like a no-brainer to be allowed to past from Word into Figma.

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Hello guys! I found this bug: When copying text from MS Word to Figma, a picture is inserted instead of text. This problem is in the desktop application (latest update) on Mac M1. Everything is fine on Windows.

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It’s not Microsoft’s fault, pasting works fine in literally any other program including Sketch

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This is so rubbish - i knew moving to Figma was a bad idea - workflow slowed to a crawl and no sign of a fix…

I’m having the same issue. Trying to do analysis of some walkthroughs … and this is a major problem for me.

Holy cow this needs to be fixed. Huge killer if you’re working in a Microsoft-heavy environment (please help lol).

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I’m new to Figma and was thinking this can’t be a bug… turns out it is lol.


This is STILL not fixed ?! What is Figma doing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Same problem. Honestly surprised that they didn’t catch this and fix it already before all this feedback.

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