Can navigation within Figma be made more intuitive for non-designers?

We are using Figma in our organization and, we champion its virtues. Yet, we are on a losing ground as non-designers like BAs, developers, QA, and my boss have difficulty finding screens on Figma.

We attempted to solve this by naming our frames, but if the user clicks on the frame from the left panel, it does not zoom to that frame. Even I could not trace the designs.

When users click on a frame from the left panel, zoom them to that frame. Please help as without the fixes we are requesting, it is becoming difficult for us to use Figma.


Yes, I too faced the issue. Hope someone from @figma can sort it out

I agree and would like to add one more thing.

Sometimes a project consists of many sub-projects, right now all the pages are listed under each other. It would be useful to be able to create sub-pages. This would help product owner, developers, even other designers understand and navigate better.

It would also be nice to hide pages from others, (example: exploration pages that developers don’t need to see) that are within the same file.

Right now I use whole pages and name them with underscores to divide the pages in a more understandable manner.


Hi @Majida, these ideas already exist on the forum. Don’t forget to vote for them.

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