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Giving unique access to specific pages

Hello :wave:

First, I’m happy about the opportunity where I can make an impact on this amazing product.

My idea is pretty simple but can make a huge difference in the way we share files with stakeholders and colleagues. I suggest adding the ability to give different access (viewer/editor) for pages within a Figma file.

Because in most cases, we’re trying to include a whole project, feature, or function, whether small or big, in one Figma file - it becomes a real pain-point if the lowest level of grant permissions it’s the file itself instead of the pages within the file.

I’m sure a lot in this community can agree with me that many times you gave people access - it was relevant to certain areas of the file, and less to other areas.

  • I want to give content writers access to a specific page where they can edit and review content.
  • I want to give developers access to a specific page where they can play with responsive layers and explore edge-cases.
  • I want to leave experiments (Some would call it a playground, sandbox :smiley:) and previous versions to myself, to avoid background noises from the rest

The current situation is that I give everyone viewers access, each one of them looking for his relevant place among the information load and I avoid giving an editor access to prevent touching what they should not touch by mistake :roll_eyes:

What do you think about it?
Of course, feel free to vote if you agree with the idea.


Yes, this would be so helpful!