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Page Divider / Group pages together

Page dividers or spacing? :thinking: Cause this hack to use a page to fake it is in 99% of all figma files I’m in.

Does anyone else experience this?




I think it would be better if it was possible to create not only pages, but also folders inside the file for the competent organization of pages :slight_smile:


As the amount of pages and frames grows in complicated projects with multiple designers working with it (like information systems), including conceptual mockups, interactive prototypes, variants of design solutions, states of behavior for developers and so on, it becomes a mess to organize the whole project in a flat page structure.

In past we used another prototyping tool, that helped to organize all the mess with folders and pages-subpages hierarchy. So it would be nice to have something like this:

Probably there are other solutions, but keeping separate projects for interactive demo prototypes, states of the specific page’s behavior, etc. was ineffective attempt that we tried.

  1. Currently In the Left Panel, under the pages section, I am only able to create one page with not child pages. I find myself creating multiple pages for related features, mocks, etc. I think it would be nice to have child pages in a tree view. I would prefer to switch child pages and not have to scroll around to find the boards I need. Would help with organization.

  2. Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


It would be very useful to have the ability to create subfolders to group and organize the pages.


Making child pages and folders in the left side page panel will help you in page segregation and to maintain pages in respective folders?

If yes and want this feature, Do comments and share.



It’s good to have a feature


I would LOVE to see this feature too! I’ve seen this issue pop up at several different organizations I’ve worked with over the years so this is definitely a common issue.


Please Figma give us this. See attached for how long my various pages are getting. I initially used different Figma files for different parts of the application, but that only ended up slowing down my workflow and making sharing native components harder.

The ability to minimize and group pages based on whatever the user wishes would really be a massive quality of life fix. Please come through for us :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


C’mon! This benefits your core product experience! Do it already!! :small_airplane: :mountain_snow: :exploding_head:


We really need this feature. Proper Page management system. Would be nice to have a nesting option up to 2-3 levels. + maybe to create a label\tag system for pages.

For example if the Page-UI is ready for devs I want to put a ready for DEV tag there.

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Thanks to @Gleb for pointing out this thread :+1:

Yes, this is a HUGE issue. I mentioned this in my tweet

Here’s an example: pages · CleanShot Cloud

As you can see my workaround is the arrow icon + space. It works but…

I’d suggest the Figma UX team to take a look at the Clover app I think they did an amazing job: pages · CleanShot Cloud

Also, our biggest challenge is finding the pages we need. Say you have a meeting and only need to discuss pages X and Y. Everyone has to scroll through the huge list and search these pages. Pain!

So it’d be just amazing if the Figma UX team added Favorites. Again, take a look at the Clover app: favorites · CleanShot Cloud

That’s it :innocent:


We have one file per project, and then they’re divided into sections. It’s been really hard to create hierarchy in the page layouts in the left hand panel.

Does anyone know any tricks to create a form of hierarchy?


Would like to see this feature in some future version:
Expandable folders for Page-panel to group pages


+1 for folder structure


And please please please do not forget to use this hierarchical view in the Prototype “Navigate to” select! :pray:


Really need this feature!!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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at first we used icons to distinguish between pages … but now there are too many of them and now I just dream of folders or some kind of hierarchy

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I want to order my pages better in figma. this is a concept i have made.



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