Add a "slot" functionality to components

Every day I’m facing dilemmas regarding how to structure my components, because we lack this basic functionality. You have to improvise, make bunch of unnecessary, place-holder stuff, make components 10x more complex than they should be…

We really, REALLY need proper slots.
If front-end frameworks have this basic functionality, then Figma should have it as well, since it’s supposed to be a place where we design front-end.

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HUGE +1 on this. We use modals fairly often in my company (for forms, not bombarding users) and it would be a HUGE improvement in maintaining modal style flexibility. Right now, we have to detach the instance every time we alter what’s in the modal and this means we lose the modal controls themselves (think labels, CTA toggles, Icon toggles, semantic feedback styles, etc). With slots, we could ensure that our modals remain consistent components while gaining the flexibility of adding unique content within.