Add a "slot" functionality to components

My suggestion for Figma is to add a “slot” functionality to components.

This would allow designers to create more flexible and customizable components, by adding empty slots or placeholders within a component. Users could then insert their own content or elements into these slots, without having to ungroup or modify the component itself.

This functionality would save time and increase efficiency for designers, while also promoting a more consistent design system across a project or organization.

I believe this feature would greatly enhance the flexibility and usability of Figma’s component system, and would be a valuable addition to the platform.

Love the idea, I have been trying to override nested instances inside of parent instances without success! But along that vein: how would these slots affect nested instances? Would it expand the nested instances feature with for example a toggle to “open up” the instance swap feature for overrides? It could be pretty elegant; toggle overrides on/off, and default to one of the preferred values for the instance swap

Great idea! We can add a special attribute called “slot” to the component to enable the functionality of inserting other content or components into the component.
This will make the component more flexible and reusable, while also improving the efficiency and consistency of the design system.
This approach is similar to the slot and component-based development patterns in modern web development.