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Repeater 🔥 (Auto-Layout evolution)

Hey guys,

Let’s be real. The main spectrum of work with UI, whether it’s an app, or a website, is displaying data or content (such as feed, lists, posts, comments, etc).

We can do a component of a post card, for example. Then duplicate instances, and wrap that in an auto layout.

It would be cool to have a repeater that shows right up after you’ve activated the auto-layout, where you can specify how many times to repeat the instance (component) and bind data to it.

At the same time, it would be cool to have a centralized data location somewhere (i.e. when you click on the data, open a shared data set so that the same data can be accessed from different repeaters).

(Screenshot is just to deliver the idea, it’s far from the perfect UI, I didn’t spent much time of thinking it through since Figma has a great product team on board to elaborate it and deliver in an amazing simplified way)

It feels like it’s a very natural evolution of Auto-Layout feature.

So, what do you guys think?

(P.S. Sorry for my English, it’s my second language)


I agree. Since interface design is mostly about repeating elements, the repeater function would be appropriate for tables, lists, cards, and the like. A similar feature exists in Adobe XD (called Repeat Grid).

Only in the repeater settings it would be enough to indicate the number of repeating elements (for example, 5), and the content will change, as always, on the canvas.


Love it. Definitely needed. It would be great if it functioned like the Craft plugin for Sketch, where you can can set a repeating number and also import a json file or url. I know there are plenty of json plugins, but I haven’t found any that are really robust and work well with repeating objects or updating.

Much needed feature, for sure. I miss the Craft repeater, there are some substitutes as @Aalok_Trivedi wrote, but I had no chance to actually see how they work.

Yes, the number of repeating elements is indeed necessary. I just forgot to add it lol, as I was trying to put the image together as I was writing the post. I thought the picture would be useful and quickly sketched it out and forgot about the number :slight_smile: