You've made too many recent attempts. Please try again later

Why do I get this stupid error in the community? Trying to open some free resources created by other users.
Im on a paid Figma subscription, why do I need to deal with this bug? I’m not getting this on Adobe, Shutterstock, or on any other creative resources websites.
How this is a problem? what that it even means having done too many recent attempts and what does “later” mean in this context?

Any figma staff around to give more insight on this?


Hey @Adrian_Gordan,

This may be related to a service disruption from earlier this week that has since been resolved.

Like Gleb suggested, please reach out to the support team directly, so we can check what’s going on:

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Hi Dvaliao,
Thanks for your reply. the issue was sorted, I just let it cool down for an hour or so.
It would be good if you guys can include some top banners to inform about maintenance or other server issues.
Anyhows, thanks for the reply