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Why I can't mention other people?

Well, I use the comments to communicate with the rest of the team, but about a week ago, I can’t mention people other than myself.
I’ve tried use the comments’ settings, but it only changes notifications about comments or it filters the comments I’m seeing.
This is getting quite annoying, but I don’t know how to fix it! It does’t matter if I type the name or the email, the results bring only me…
Has this happened with anyone else?

PS.: as an example, here’s a screen capture
Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 16.01.20

Hey Sara, does this still happen after refreshing the tab or restarting Figma?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

It tried that, I quitted the application a few times, and I’ve restarted my computer once, the problem persisted…
However, I got to solve it only yesterday.

Turns out I was unknowingly running an older version of Figma and I had to update to the latest release.
I guess they changed the a lot within the comment functionality in this version!
so if someone in the community has a similar problem, I leave my suggestion to check if the version installed is the latest one.