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Why I can't mention other people?

Well, I use the comments to communicate with the rest of the team, but about a week ago, I can’t mention people other than myself.
I’ve tried use the comments’ settings, but it only changes notifications about comments or it filters the comments I’m seeing.
This is getting quite annoying, but I don’t know how to fix it! It does’t matter if I type the name or the email, the results bring only me…
Has this happened with anyone else?

PS.: as an example, here’s a screen capture
Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 16.01.20

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Hey Sara, does this still happen after refreshing the tab or restarting Figma?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

It tried that, I quitted the application a few times, and I’ve restarted my computer once, the problem persisted…
However, I got to solve it only yesterday.

Turns out I was unknowingly running an older version of Figma and I had to update to the latest release.
I guess they changed the a lot within the comment functionality in this version!
so if someone in the community has a similar problem, I leave my suggestion to check if the version installed is the latest one.

Hi - this is happening to me all of a sudden. I am only using the browser version of Figma. My team and I suddenly cannot @ each other in comments on a file that we’ve been working on for a while, we haven’t had problems previously. I’ve tried:

  • clearing all cookies and logging out
  • closing browser
  • reopening file

Any ideas?

I’m having a same issue! My Figma is up to date. I think the update happened while I’m using Figma, suddenly some UIs changed (e.g. stroke settings) and then I couldn’t tag other people to my Figma. AFter “@” I show up in search, but not others. Please help!

I am also having this issue. I wonder if its a compatibility thing with a newer version of Figma with Chrome that they haven’t bugged out yet? HELP!

Hello! I have completely the same issue as described above. Everything was fine with mentioning others, but a couple of days ago until now for only one of the files I still can’t mentions other people that have access to file. Others have the same issue.
I was trying Figma web and desktop app.
I refreshed the tab / restarted Figma / cleared browser cache / updated Chrome. Issue is still happening.

Does anybody have any ideas how to fix it?

Same here was just given the high level of permission now I can only @mention myself. Pretty bad bug in the system…is the support team helping with this? I see the issue on the browser and the desktop app.

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Same here, I can tag 2 users (which are both not on the project anymore weirdly enough) and no one else @Figma
The same behaviour on App + Web. Please fix & let us know when we can use this again.

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Hi, same here, running web version. Tried different browsers, problem persists.

This is deeply frustrating, our design has ground to a halt because we are all virtual and trying to communicate in different parts of a large project has become a nightmare. @Figma what is going on?

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Please see comments on this thread @Josh , alot of us are still having this issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have been experiencing a similar issue for the past few weeks. I can tag some of my team members on the same project, but not all of them. Very frustrating that I am unable to communicate directly with my lead designer on this project. This is a significant workflow disruption.

This is killing us! We can no longer communicate with our team and is delaying work. What’s the update here @Josh ?

Your tagging users functionality seems partial broken, it have been like this for ages for me. So I am writing here now.

When I try to tag certain people in my organisation, they will not appear in the drop down list here:

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 14.02.21

Other people in my organisation has the same problem, but with different people. E.g. the user I can’t tag, other people can tag, so it seems to be a user specific issue.

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I have the same problem. It started a couple of days ago.
The dropdown shows completely strange people, but not the ones added to the file as participants.
On the other hand, other team members don`t have a problem with mentioning me.
Did you manage to solve this?

I’m having the same problem. It started on June 17th for me. People that I was tagging are no longer showing up.

For a few days now, I have not been able to mention members of a project. The history list seems to have gone. I can only mention members of some other projects unrelated to the particular project in question.

Is there any solution to this? @Figma

same for me now. any update @Figma