White vertical lines appearing in prototype/present

There is white vertical line that is appearing when i’m using present and trying to see the design, and it’s only appearing when I am using “100%- display at full size” & “width - scale down to fit width” and it seems to appear on the whole artboard, there is also some other lines are appearing at the very left side of the artboards which are not present on the actual design

here’s the presenting screen

here’s the actual design


I have the same issue. Not all of my files have this problem, but some of it. It happened all sudden, and it’s really frustrating to keep telling others “don’t mind the white line”. It’s embarrassing and troublesome during presentation. :frowning_face:

Screenshot 2021-07-13 115849


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Recently I’ve noticed those lines that appear on the prototype and do not appear in edit mode. They’re black and sometimes white and disappear when I change the view option (appear mostly at “Width - scale down to fit width” mode).

Does anyone knows why this is happening?

Screenshot attached:


Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m experiencing the same problem. It only goes away if I resize my screen, but I would like to present on full screen.

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I get an error when using the preview feature that always has a line on the screen even though my screen is not broken. Pls help me!

U can see have some shape, line in my present mode. And I dont have any solution. May all you help me?
Im sorry about my English.

I have the same issue in a project right now. Any solution to this yet?

I have a similar issue in presentation mode:

This is what the frame looks like in the editor:

The background color of the frame shows between items, even though the space between them is 0. If there is no fill on the frame, dark lines show up.

This problem persists across Mac and Windows, multiple browsers, and multiple screen scaling settings and resolutions.

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how can ı solve this problem?

How can I destroy these lines in prototype? they are getting more and more every day. I have a hard time showing them to customers

Have the same problem. One thing I noticed was that the line appears after applying the Luminosity filter on one of the assets on screen, when I remove that particular asset, the line disappears… Not sure why…

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I’m seeing the same issue too. White line right down the middle of my prototype. The odd thing is that it only appears on a monitor of a certain resolution - when I move it to another larger screen it’s fine. There’s no issue with the screens though, definitely a Figma thing very similar to others on this thread.

I have the same issue. Any solution yet?

i also have this issue.

I want to hear the resolution to this as well.

Hey Fellow Designers,
I was facing the same issue for my prototype. On researching a lot and desperately trying out everything I was able to find a solution for this.

My artboard width was 1920px and just increasing the width by 1px i.e making it 1921px solved the issue. So I would suggest you all to increase or reduce the artboard size by 1 px and try it out.



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