Where did the "Link to documentation" content go?

So there’s this handy input filed in component settings for a “link to documentation.” I wanted to use it and link to a “How to” presenation but I can’t see this link anywhere included with the instances.

What am I missing?

A link to the documentation is displayed in the Inspect panel.

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Ah ok, thanks @tank666!

I was super confused because the button says “View in Figma”, because it’s a link to the presentation instead of “View documentation”.

Still I find it not really helpful, since I want to eductate our desigeners how to use the component and they do not really interact with the inspect panel. Also, links in the Description input won’t turn into proper links, so there’s really not much I can do to quickly send them to the right spot. That’s a pitty :face_exhaling:

Little side fact: If you are using an external link (instead a link to figma) the butten sais “View documentation”.

I knew that already and I find it quite inconsistent :smile:
The “View in Figma” is confusing because you do not know where it leads you, it might just be the jump to master link or whatever. It could still say “View documentation”, although I know that it’s more likely to have an external documentation link.

Doesn’t matter through, we’ll work around it and tell our designers were to find information on how to use a component differently… it would jsut have been very nice and handy to put it right there.


I like that it says view in Figma because I am using it to link to new versions of components. So if it were to say view documentation there then it wouldn’t make sense in that context. It is actually more versatile this way. I think it would be good if one could input custom text into the button though.

I would like it if the link appeared where the text does in design view as well and not only in inspect panel, was having the same trouble as you finding it on instances.