When using Variables as a value, need more control

I have a color variable color-blue-400 that maps to color-hover-primary with 20% opacity. Meaning that color-hover-primary: color-blue-400 20% I am loving the Variables but it needs to give us more control on how we use that Variables as a value.

For now, I am breaking it from the Variable and just using RGBA. color-hover-primary: rgba(xx,xx,xx, .2) which needs manual update if there is any change to the color-blue-400.

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Definitely need something like this. Many Material Design components require “state layers” that are variations of their theme colors at 8%, 12%, and 16%. The way things work right now, updating the base theme colors would require manually changing almost 300 color variables because there is no way to link the hex values to an alpha variation.

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