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Variants container default styling

Greetings everyone. I’m trying to utilize Variants as much as I can and every single time I create a Variant Figma adds a purple dashed border to the Variants container, along with a small corner radius and a 20px padding. The default styling also clips overflow on the container.

If I get a penny for every time I have to turn all of that off, I’ll probably have enough cash in a few months to get a new MacBook. Or a car. Or a house.

My routine after initializing Variants is resetting the border and corner radius on the container, but also applying an auto-layout to it, so that my variants are neatly stacked.

So my small suggestion is to remove all default stying/settings from the Variables container. I’d say it should also automatically stack Variants in an auto-layout, but I guess it depends on how people like to arrange components.

That’s it. Upvote this to end the reign of the purple border. :slightly_smiling_face:

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