Variant instances problem - Please help!

  1. I created frame and added some text inside that frame
  2. Then i duplicated that frame and changed that text which is inside that frame
  3. Then i made both as component and combined as variants : “Default” and “variant1”

Now if i use instance of that component i will get property : Default and variant1

The problem is that when i change text of variant1, the text in default is also gets changes, but i want different text in default and variant1

I’m following your steps but are not achieving the same result. How are you combining the components into variants?

Apply different component text properties to the text layers of your variants. You can see an example here:

Here i have the file can u help me:

Here is my file please once can you tell whats problem in it:

You have not added the component text properties to the text layers of your variants. I edited your file and now it works as expected.

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@tank666 beat me to it.

It works like this because the two text fields have the same signature, meaning the same name and same position in the layer hierarchy. Components will link layers that fulfill these requirements.

As for the second problem, the transition doesn’t work because the second variant does not have any interaction applied to it. If you want it to revert back to the default state, you can use mouse enter on default and mouse exit on varient1.

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