Variant configuration attributes inherit from parent to child

The figma variant is functional, but also stupid:

We now use variants in combination with nested components, but the variant configuration properties of the referenced component can only be configured when the component is selected. This makes each modification very cumbersome and requires creating many duplicate layers to create a new variant function

For example:

In the table design, the first column of the control check box and other functions is returned to a variant A, and the content of the control header is returned to variant B.

Variant A has a control check box, drag, type attributes, and select height attributes.

Variant B has a column attribute of the number of meter columns, and the height attribute of control height, and the like.

The variant A and B are combined into the variant C, and the variant c can select the number of columns of the column B by selecting the type attribute of the variant A, selecting the height of the variant A and B.

But now I can’t realize, I have to repeat the configuration of A and B in the variant C, and then build C. Configuration, this is very stupid.

The last idea is the idea of using Framer. It is recommended that the development team should not be shy, and refer to the idea of competing products.

*cough-cough* — my plugin Selection Variants

And this suggestion already exists: Nested variant component override controls

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