Variables linked to components, Multiple breaks some

Hey so I have been upgrading my component library to use variables which I love. So I have done things like button colour changes depending on states to clicking a checkbox to reveal the hidden message.

So recently I made a live input field for a project I have been working on. I noticed that when I inserted it into a modal and have Icon Buttons which have variables attached, buttons with variables attached and checkboxes, it seems like the only one that is not working is the input field I made. But when I place it on a new frame to test it works.

I have done a work around where I have had to detach all the variables to the icon buttons, buttons and so forth and now my input field works in the modal. Is this a bug or something I may be doing wrong??

Hey @Imzzy, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the confusion!

While you can create a component intended for interactive text inputs for your prototype, the actual feature to be able to use an interactive component that allows you to input text when viewing a prototype isn’t possible.

This is already on our radar to be added though. Feel free to add your feedback for the team and vote here:

@dvaliao Thank you for your response. I actually found it can work weirdly haha. So through trial and error I found that if you duplicate the main components for the interactive text field (lets say 3 as a default, hover and live text type) and rename in the components could be Default 1, Default 2 etc. Then for the string you would have to create a new say string 1 is “Placeholder” make string 2 to be “Placeholders” and the value. Change the conditional variables in the new duplicated one to reflect the new “Placeholders” instead of the original and it works. It is a longer way as you would then have to change every string attached per key and the initial text in the field to show your new variable string but it does work. I am glad its on the radar and thank you again