Unframe selection

Wondering if there’s a shortcut to unframing a selection rather than manually moving the components out of the frame and deleting the frame.

There also isn’t an option in the right-click menu to unframe similar to ungroup.

ctrl + shift + g

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Doesn’t work for me. Tried cmd+shift+g, ctrl+shift+g, option+shift+g.

the shortcut neither frames nor unframes my selection.

So, I figured it out. The shortcut is cmd+option+g. That doesn’t unframe the selection though, it frames the selection. I want to do the opposite.

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Thanks for linking Frames and Groups. It looks like Figma doesn’t support unframing selections. @Figma_Support

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In Figma there is no such thing as “unframe”. You can ungroup groups and frames using the corresponding function—ungroup. Please see the help article at the link above.


I understand that. I am voicing the suggestion to support unframing so that instead of doing that in 3 steps: 1. ungrouping 2. dragging the components out of the frame 3. deleting the frame. An unframe capability will do that for me in one step.

The ungroup feature already solves your problem.


No it does not. We can agree to disagree. Thanks for your input.

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If you go to the Help and resources question mark icon at bottom right, then Keyboard shortcuts > Selection you can see the shortcut (or set your own) for Ungroup selection

(Note, you cannot ungroup an instance of a component, you first have to use Detach instance)

…Are you using the ctrl/cmd + shift + g shortcut on the nested frame or the parent frame? If you use that shortcut on the parent frame it will automatically ungroup and delete the parent frame, leaving its nested children intact.

Otherwise I think you’re going to have to post a video of what you’re trying to do so we can understand, because the problem you’re describing is exactly what the ungroup feature solves.

I believe you are using the wrong terminology here. What you’re talking about is breaking variants apart, not unframing. Ungrouping does unframe. Ungrouping does not break apart components and variants, that is why you are not having any success with the shortcut.

  • If you want to break apart component variants, you have to move them out of the component frame
  • If you want to un-component something you have to make a copy of it, detach the copy and delete the original.
  • If you want to break apart a component instance, use the detach command.

I think I finally see what you guys are saying. Maybe I was using the wrong terminology. Appreciate the input!

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There is no such thing in Figma tool, may you can use the trick; In the pages you can move out the objects from the selective frame and the delete such existed frame from the page or Colum.