Undo improvements

Please don’t make every click a history state. This can make it very tedious/error prone to undo a simple change because there happened to be 7 clicks in between.

Also, please name the last action in the Undo item in the Edit menu so I have confidence I’m undoing the right thing or that I even did the action I thought I did.

Finally, please addd an undo history panel separate from the version history panel to make it easier to jump back with precision.


Thanks for the feedback, @Ben_Dansby!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.

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The undo history in Figma is pretty weak. My dream would be an unlimited undo history that is available between sessions. I could close Figma, and re-open it, and my undos would still be available. I could step back a file all the way to it’s brand-new blank state even if it’s a 3-year-old file with millions of actions.

At a minimum just increase the undo history by like 10x and I’d probably be happy. But the eternal undo history would be MONEY.

Thanks for your feedback, @Brian_Clay1!

We’ve merged it with another similar topic, so that our team can review the consolidated Undo feedback as needed for future consideration.

In addition the excellent points raised by OP, I would also like to have a better way to visualize what has been undone. On a large canvas, sometimes I find myself pressing Cmd+Z until I finally see something happen. It should be easier to see what is being undone.


Request to add a way to view a list of previous actions, similar to the History panel in Illustrator.

It’s extremely frustrating to lose track of what changes are being affected when using Ctrl+Z multiple times.

Hi @Jo16, Thanks for sharing your thought about adding ‘Undo History’ list! I found the other community member asking for something similar here. So I merged your post to have all the feedback in one place!
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