Trigger `On Delay` action with boolean logic

Curious if anyone has hit this issue.

I have an interactive component that has multiple On delay steps to simulate a typing animation. The instance of this component is hidden with a boolean variable by default. When I create a button element that switches the visibility boolean to true, the component displays, but the On delay does not trigger.

Is this intended? Workarounds? Any ideas :slight_smile:

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Looks like a bug @Guy_Meyer1 . I have raised a similar issue and tagged this post. You can track the issue while @y_toku is looking into it.

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Hi @Guy_Meyer1, thank you for reaching out. I appreciate your input, @N.A.G.A ! On this issue Iโ€™m working closely with Toku.

@Guy_Meyer1, could you please provide a quick video recording of the issue youโ€™re encountering, as well as a copy of your file if possible?

This will greatly assist us in visualizing the issue and determining if itโ€™s related to the one @N.A.G.A mentioned. Additionally it will help us try to reproduce the same behavior in order to gain further insight.

Thank you all for your collaboration and assistance!