Tokens & variables within multibrand design system?


we are running a multibrand design system with swap library to exchange all brand attributes for each brand. Now we want to update our design system with the native variables and tokens so we can use the modes feature for lightmode / darkmode ie.

Does it make sense to keep the basic swap library principle with brand related separated libraries for each brand or would it maybe better to store all brand attributes in one single library without swapping libraries anymore?

Are the tokens swapped like styles in the same way with swap library?

Cheers, Michael

Here’s what I’ve done:

All my spacing, colors, dimensions, etc are set as variables in one file (let’s call it Design System) and typography is created as local styles. Brand colors that are switching are set as Modes, so I can easily change them

Then, I have a file setup for each brand, just to have local typography styles. When pulling a component from the Design System, I can change de mode (aka brand) and then just go to assets > libraries and swap the typography styles.

Does that answers your question?

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