Text Styles applied to text layers or component instances get detached on random

I’ve been having this issue as well. Lots of occurrences lately, not just on variants but also regular frames. I’ve just had almost a whole page get detached – very frustrating.

@dvaliao if there’s any way to push this further up the priority I’m sure many people would appreciate it.

Same here just yesterday my team member realized whenever they select a text layer in a master component it’s doesn’t have text styles applied anymore. It still persist today.

Does having a separate file for styles?

hey @Figma_Support i had the same issue. Texts are detached randomly. It is really annoying in a huge project. Is there a way to solve it?

@Figma_Support this issue keeps happening on a daily bases, not only with textstyles but also components and component variants. Its a huge inconvenience, as when you reattach the component changed content is not kept (eg. changed text/titles etc… )

A work around to find all the detatched textfields etc is to use the plugin Similayer and reattach it to what it is supposed to be.

@Figma_Support While I haven’t noticed this happening randomly, I have noticed that global text styles will detach when copying properties to a parent auto layout frame. I made a separate issue about it here:

I’m having the text style detach issue and this plugin helped make reattaching the global styles much less tedious. Thank you! I hope @Figma_Support has a fix for this soon.

Hi everyone, just to let you know I’m also keeping a separate community thread (Random Text Styles Detaching Itself Saga (unresolved circa 2021!) One Year Later - #2 by tank666) specifically on this very same problem. Everyone’s evidences so far on this seems to be going back since October 2021.


I appreciate your response on this issue. However you might also want to keep track of all other evidence(s) on this very same problem going back since 2021…

I have specifically created a community thread on the intent of expediting this issue in need for attention. And I myself have posted an official bug support. Fast forward nearing a month - stuck on radio silences despite me surrendering evidences after evidences. Yet the official support team still wants more out of me.

@VarunYellina has spoken what everyone needs (not wants) ~ stability over novelty.

Same thing is happening for us. In particular, all the text styles in our components become detached when we Combine the components as Variants. We keep loosing several hours of work as a result of this. @Figma_Support please please resolve this, it is immensely affecting our productivity.

Tim Chege
UX Designer

I have updated a thread I started about this issue in a specific context (copying properties and pasting to a parent auto layout frame) with a response from @Figma_Support. Was curious if anyone was told something similar.

I have since provided them another example, using a system font for them to troubleshoot on their end.

This issue happen to me right now, all the text style in new screen I created yesterday had been detached by its own. Any issue on how to fix this? Didn’t want to spend hours just to reattached the text style