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Text Styles randomly get detached from original file

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you have encountered this issue? This has been happening to our design files lately and has been really annoying to fix…

Our work setup is that we have a main design system file where our colors, components, and text styles are set there and published as a library. We then create new files to work on different pages and features. However, after a while we notice suddenly the text styles we use are suddenly no longer linked to the library and became standard font that you have to set the sizes manually. This can be a headache to fix especially when you have lots of text in the file…

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Yes I have experienced this to. Seems that it’s happen on our components from our library.

We are having the same issue and at the moment this fact (bug?) is giving us a very hard time to believe that using an advanced set of libraries actually makes life easier.

Especially, when the amount of components is very large, we find ourselves patching things constantly (“reset text style” on all instances of variant sets that use text styles of another library").

Then again, I also have seen text styles magically re-appear, even if they appeared to be detached just 10 minutes earlier. It definitely feels like a bug or serious performance issues in the cloud.

Is anyone at Figma aware of this?


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