Template help

Hi im building a website and just have some questions when it comes to sizing this can be primarily because i haven’t got to the development stage but when prototyping my elements and text just seem to big can s someone assist me with the standard sizing say for text in a web site and mobile app is is 18 px for web and 14 for mobile app and what about the elements and components created what size should i generic rectangle be on 1900 x 1080 is this a good standard size for websites or should i scale and use the generic frame size? Please let me know thanks

For type sizes, I have some go-to sizes, indeed between 14 and 18px for body text. You are right on different sizes for websites and app contexts. It depends a lot on the x-height of the font used as well.

As for frame sizes, a modern website is responsive, providing a good layout for mobile, tablet and desktop. There is such a wide range of sizes. I think using Figma’s standard frame sizes is a good idea (you can see this when you hit F for a new frame.)

1920 x 1080 sounds a bit large to me, that’s a 1080p TV size - or that would be a website on a large monitor. I wouldn’t recommend using that size unless you are doing the “large screen mockup” of a website or doing something TV-specific.

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