Sync or add local variables as part of library

I have been experimenting with creating and utilising local variables.

I would like to be able to incorporate local variables into the library (central file where we maintain the styles) to ensure consistent terminology between design and development.

The ability to share collections among multiple files would greatly enhance the consistency across various applications or features.

PS. it would be great if we can export colours in collections.

Not sure if I got you right, but…

Variables are publishable, I was able to make a dedicated team library with tokens only and reuse it across multiple other files, including master UI kit.

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@Pavel_Kiselev Hi Pavel, i am talking about the local variables.

I do have a similar setup like you mentioned, but i thought the way how local variables are designed would has better uses in term of bridging design and development than the variables.

You can set local variables by either

  1. adding “_” to the start of their name (or their group’s name)
  2. or toggling the “Hide from publishing” checkbox in the variables settings

Then they will not be published with the library and will only be accessible to people who can edit the file and the components in that file that use those variables.

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