Switching text styles via Cmd+B

A common issue we see in design files in our org is designers using Cmd+B to bold a word or phrase within a string. When they do this, it automatically unlinks the text style and just applies the Bold weight of the underlying font. I wonder if it’s feasible to either allow us to define the Cmd+B (and maybe even Cmd+I?) behavior within a type style library — or to “guess” which text style to apply if the properties of the text match a text style in the same library as the original style.

Example: you have Helvetica Regular 16/24 as a style called “Body Text” and Helvetica Bold 16/24 as style called “Body Text Bold”. When you hit Cmd+B on some word or phrase set in Body Text, the properties would match “Body Text Bold” and the word could swap to that style rather than unlinking.

There’s potential issues with this approach (for example, if your “Bold” style uses a weight like Demi or Heavy), so instead, maybe there’s some keyword or shorthand that can be used in the “Description” metadata of the style that can manually describe the intended behavior? Or native Figma UI that can accomplish this within the source Library?

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