Swapping Icons within Variants

Hello, this is probably an effortless thing to do to all experienced Figma users in this forum.

I am having an issue, I creating a component and subsequently a variant of said button

What I am having trouble with is creating a “sub-component” that will allow me to swap out the icons on the left.

Essentially I want to be able swap between active and inactive instances of this component(already done) and be able to swap out the icons(were I am currently stuck).

I have already made all my icons components but whenever I click one of them to make a variant I get a replica.

So how can I make it so that my icons are swappable?

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

You don’t need to create icon variants. To swap the icons in your component above, you can use the “Swap instance” feature and also apply the component’s instance property.