Styles applied to text layers or component instances get detached at random

This issue has happened times and times, and I don’t know what is the reason and solution!
Dear Figma, please solve this frustrating issue,
Thank you :shamrock:

Hey there!
Thanks for flagging it, I’ve checked in our back end and we are not aware of this issue.
For visibility, I saw @Rafa that you’ve filled out a ticket, and our technical team shared a detail workaround. I am sharing here as it may also help the community. If not, I’d suggest to reach out directly the support with a copy of your file so we can investigate it further here:

To solve the issue with these styles, the main workaround is to update the related fonts that you encounter the issue:
"In most cases, when a problem with styles affects only text styles, this is nearly always caused by the use of conflicting font files across editors on the file and connected libraries. This means that editors on a library or the file where the fonts are detached are using different versions of the font with slightly different sizing or spacing which the system logs as a font change to that text. Our database indicates some font conflicts for the file url you shared though it’s not possible for us to see if these are used in the styles that were detached so I can’s say for certain this is the case.

Our Help Center has more information about resolving this kind of issue: Manage conflicting fonts (

If this is a recent problem, the quickest way to resolve it is is to roll back the file to before the styles were detached before taking any next steps.

Following this, or if you’re not able to roll back, we suggest that you have all editors remove these fonts if they are locally installed and then all install the same version locally. You will then need to restart Figma to serve the correct font version. Alternatively, you can ask all team members to delete their local font versions and then upload the font files as shared fonts. You can read about that feature in our Help Center: Manage fonts in an organization (

After installing the font files, if this is affecting component appearance you can launch quick commands (cmd /) then use the ‘Regenerate all instances’ tool to refresh all of your instances at the same time.

If it is affecting text or style appearance or settings outside of components you can use quick commands to “Select all with same font” and then “Recompute text layout in selection.”

Because these text changes can be registered as overrides, for instances I’d also suggest you check if there are any font style overrides which will need to be removed.

If this doesn’t re-attach those styles they can be reattached manually, by selecting a text element and using ‘Select all with same text properties’ to manually assign the style. If you haven’t done a significant amount of work on the file since the styles were not detached you can also roll back to a version before this happened as shown in View a file’s version history (

Hope it helps!

We just had this exact same issue. Was working with some variants and all of a sudden, all text styles across multiple pages where disconnected. Weirdly cannot restore via version history as well.

Hello Bart,

Would you please check and see if the library text styles are actually published?

I had this issues multiple times in the past and the last time I experienced that it turned out that for some reason the library text styles were unpublished, and this was causing the issue.

Maybe try to unpublish and then publish back the styles in the library and see if that fixes the issue.

Hi Ivan,

i’ve check but i am using local files. Can this be the issue?

Do you mean the issues you are having is with styles that are not part of a library?

Maybe check this workaround if it helps