Styles applied to text layers or component instances get detached at random

We are experiencing a weird issue in Figma where library “Text Styles” applied to text layers or component instances get detached on random.

Our fix is to use a semi-automated way of selecting all text layers on a screen and then perform the “Reset text style” action.

The issue is persistent and seems to happen at random - anyone experienced something similar before?

There is a closed topic on what seems like the same issue, with no resolution provided - Text Styles randomly get detached from original file


Hello Ivan,

We did not really find a definive solution for the detaching of text-styles issue – and we used the same remedy as you described and reset text-styles manually.

But, what we found out is, that overriding the styling of multiple variants in a variant set at the same time sometimes causes the text styles to be detached, especially when you have components with nested components.

Also, styling the actual variant set container (we often do dotted borders and background colouring) caused text styles of the variants placed within to be detached.

I am not sure if the Figma team made some changes that better the behaviour in the last months, but paying close attention to text-styles when setting up or re-styling variant sets helped us to work around the issue for now.


I’m having this same issue, is there any solution yet?


I’m having the same issue now and then. it’s frustrating :confused:

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Yeah I am also having this issue :frowning:

AHHH FIX THIS PLEASE random detaches are horrible

:dotted_line_face: fix this please x2, it’s a awful experience

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Same thing here. What I was able to identify is that when I manually change position of my text object, the text style get instantly detached. I made a video about it.

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Hey @Pedro_Gandra thanks for reporting this. We were able to reproduce this on our end and have a fix ready that should be up soon.

Alright fix should be live now. Just refresh your tab first. :slight_smile:

I just experienced this unprecedented issue after publishing variants to my team library. The text styles were attached when I published them 2 days ago. But today I noticed that the text layers in the base components have the styles attached, while the parent components have text layers with detached styles, not to mention they’ve all gone up in weight. All the text layers were affected! This is bad since there are so many people on my team using our library. No one should have to go back and reattach multiple styles. :expressionless: See screencap below.

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@Josh My team just experienced this issue… components with text styles are detached. How do we resolve it?

I am pretty sure this one is happening again. I can’t figure out what actions are causing it, but all my text styles are getting detached over and over again and it’s very frustrating. The text styles are not local, they’re coming from a published library.

Been having the same issue, very annoying. No idea what triggers it, but what has helped me to quickly match styles again is the plugin called Design Lint, you’ll be able to select all layers with missing styles and match them again all at once.


Thank you for this suggestion! I hope the problem gets fixed.

Still problematic! This makes entire design systems unusable!! No matter if it’s library’ed or local.

Can someone from Figma please actually consider this a priority problem?

Just to illustrate concern since 2021 ~


I have the same problem within the variants.


I was wondering if this was me being sloppy or a Figma issue.
I’m also encountering this even after the fix was deployed. Seems it’s still a running issue.


This has been an issue for quite some time. Is @Figma looking into this? This problem is further aggravated for our developers who normally use the style name to build the text components in code. They keep coming back to us asking what is the text style.

@Figma I don’t want any new features until this is fixed. Please prioritize stability over everything else.

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Hey All,

The team is still tracking this issue, but there’s no exact timeline for a fix.

For now, the two workarounds they suggest are:

  • Manually swapping the dangling/unlinked instance to another instance of the component
  • Going back into version history, finding a version of the file where the instance is not dangling, restoring that version as a new file, and then copying and pasting the frame with those instances back into the working file