Stop adding initial default margin to auto-layout

If I create an autolayout frame from another object, like a layer frame or image I don’t want 8px margins added to the image. The chances of me wanting to have an a frame that happens to have 8px margins to all sides are very low, and will almost never happen. Please stop adding this as default or make it an option not to have this.

Additional comment:
I feel this is similar to how when you copy and paste a layer directly, it will be pasted in to exactly the same place as original and is not moved somewhere random as some design software used to do. ( Illustrator I think used to do this.) So it’s the same here, the design software shouldn’t add some arbitrary values to layers.

Hi @Harald_Skogland ,
Thanks for the feedback. You may change this under Preferences > Nudge Amount in the meantime.

Hope it helps!


Hi Celine,

Thanks for that information I didn’t realise they were connected.

Still, I’d prefer to have it as its own option separate from nudge values.

Maybe combining nudge and autolayout default margins’ make sense for some people. But I can’t see it making a lot of sense in any workflow I’d use.


Thanks for the clarification!
Also, do not forget to vote up so we can gauge the overall interest in the community :arrow_up: Thank you.

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Indeed, it makes no sense to add padding automatically, it would save me a LOT of time not having to reset everything to zero all the time. It makes no sense that it is connected to NUDGE either.


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