Some elements randomly have incorrect layouts

Hi there, I’ve tried to find a similar issue but couldn’t find one.

We are having a problem where certain elements in components appear to have very strange layout which doesn’t match our intended designs.

In reusable components, the layouts are all consistently incorrect: it often looks like text is shifted higher up than intended.

When double clicking on one of these broken components, the layout fixes itself - however only for that specific instance of the component, not for any other ones.

The incorrect layout re-appears when closing & re-opening Figma. I have also tried the “Clear Cache and Restart” option. This has no effect.

Please see the following screen recording which shows the incorrect layouts and double clicking behavior: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2023-06-14 at - Simplify your life

(I am unable to attach videos to the post directly.)

This started happening roughly 2-3 weeks ago, and is affecting everyone in our team.

Would appreciate any help with this, as this is massively affecting our workflow.

Happy to provide further debug information.

Thank you!

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Thanks a lot, that fixed the problem for me!

Hello. I have the same issue but not text, my instances inside auto layout shift positions, and I fixed it by double-clicking inside the component. I am wondering what commands I should give to the Figma to fix this issue across my entire documents. thank you