Share role based versions of a file with layer control

I’d like a way to hide any layer and choose which version I want to hide it for: engineer deliverable version, designer version, or all versions of the frame (optionally I’d like to define my own versions but that’s bonus). Then I’d need a way to select which version of the Figma file I want to see and which to share.

Problem Statement: I work in the same design files that I share with engineers. Who doesn’t now days? Because of that, I have trouble exploring new ideas and features while still making clear what the current state of the application is for engineers.
If they see a layer that’s not supposed to be there, they get confused, or fear some good old fashioned scope creep.
If I hide a layer, I can no longer keep track of it to share future designs with the stakeholders; I’d need to remember all those layers without ever seeing them.
In some cases, I need to hide a layer in future designs which is still relevant for engineers to see, because we haven’t removed a feature yet.

My only alternative is to maintain separate frames for different versions, and that gets messy quickly. I know I can convert a frame to a component, and show/hide layers in the duplicates of that component; same problem, it’s hard to keep design files organized. But in this case, I have to design everything in the parent, and go find the duplicate, then dig for the layer to hide or to show. It’s a huge mental drain.

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