Setting color variables

It is frustrating that when I am setting a color variable in a prototype, I can’t change it to another color variable or to a different mode of that variable. I can only change it to a new custom hex value.
I love the new variables feature, but the color changing aspect is not nearly as helpful as it could be with a simple fix! :slight_smile:


Yip, same here

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Same, I really would like this feature. +1

Whilst developing a prototype, I came across a feature that could be relevant to a lot of people: allowing to set a color variable to another color variable. Right now, we can only change a color variable to another HEX value for example.


It is close to Setting color variables
// Edit: I linked it to the same post :joy: my bad

Hi @Ines_Albano , thank you feedback! I agree, it looks similar to this feature request : Setting color variables , I’ll go head and merge it so we can gauge the overall interest under the same topic.
Thank you! :smiley:

I came across this for the first time on a project I’m currently working on and was surprised at this missing functionality. Seems like a no-brainer to add ‘Libraries’ alongside ‘Custom’ in line with the standard color picker.

Definitely a must-have functionality