Setting color variables

It is frustrating that when I am setting a color variable in a prototype, I can’t change it to another color variable or to a different mode of that variable. I can only change it to a new custom hex value.
I love the new variables feature, but the color changing aspect is not nearly as helpful as it could be with a simple fix! :slight_smile:


Yip, same here

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Same, I really would like this feature. +1

Whilst developing a prototype, I came across a feature that could be relevant to a lot of people: allowing to set a color variable to another color variable. Right now, we can only change a color variable to another HEX value for example.


It is close to Setting color variables
// Edit: I linked it to the same post :joy: my bad

Hi @Ines_Albano , thank you feedback! I agree, it looks similar to this feature request : Setting color variables , I’ll go head and merge it so we can gauge the overall interest under the same topic.
Thank you! :smiley:

I came across this for the first time on a project I’m currently working on and was surprised at this missing functionality. Seems like a no-brainer to add ‘Libraries’ alongside ‘Custom’ in line with the standard color picker.

Definitely a must-have functionality

The more I use Figma Variables, the less I expect out of them.


+1 This would make my life a lot easier, please add!

Yes, please add this functionality.

Yes, I want to apply a 30% black overlay over the base button color for a button hover state and a 60% black overlay over the base button color for a button pressed state.

yes, same here. I need this to change the colours back and forth while interacting. Why is it not possible? Is there any conflict if we can set a colour variable to another colour variable?

Yes- agree completely. We will not switch over to redo-ing our components and variants until tit’s possible to use color variable mode value expressions in prototypes.

There are other uses beyond light and dark mode like shown in this video

+1 Must have feature. Please add!

Please remember to use the Vote button up there, Figma should take note if lots of folks have the same issue.

Setting a color variable from another variable would be very helpful. It would save me from having to go in/out of all m prototype areas if I want to use a different color. PLEASE add.