Right-click context menu not working

When I’m in chrome, the right-click context menu doesn’t open. I don’t have this issue when using the Figma App nor when I’m in other web apps in Chrome.

Has anyone else run into this issue? thanks for reading my question.


Yes am having the same issue


For a while my right click menu hasn’t been available.

So, detaching a symbol (for instance) I need to use the top nav.

Is there a bug in Figma on Big Sur or anything I should be aware of?


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Same issue. Right click works everywhere else on my mac, just not in the figma desktop app.

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Same issue: Right-click context menu not working in both, Desktop-App and Web-App.

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Hey All,

Have you ensured that you’ve checked Ctrl+click opens right click menus?


Truly appreciate the answer but have to ask… Why would you do this?


Thank you!

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Thank you @dvaliao !

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Hi there! The right-click menu’s list is not clickable today. Anyone experience this?

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Hi @Li_Jingyuan I checked from my end but are able to open and select options from the right click menu from the desktop app and browser. If you are still seeing an issue I would suggest trying to clear your cache and see if that helps improve. I would also suggest checking to make sure your Figma preferences are setup correctly.

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Hi! I’m trying to right-click to get more editing options, but nothing happens when clicked. Please help me fix this.

Are their any updates to this issue? I have the option selected in the menu, but in the Figma App, Cnt+Click it will not work to show the menu on Figma files. It does seem to work on FigJam and in the browser. Is this a bug in the app? Thanks!

I still can’t reproduce this issue and it seems to be working properly. Could you try?