"restore this version" in the version history does not restore

When I click on “restore this version” on selected version of history, I can see the version and duplicate it, but for some reason when I click done. I am back to the latest.

Sadly in my case the duplicate/copy of a file is not a work around, since I am working on a widely used UI kit and it would detach the instances.

Any ideas what’s going on or how can I some it? maybe I am missing something?

Thank you in advance.

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I tested it on my side and it works as expected.

Does this happen in both the browser and the desktop app?

I’m having this issue too. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m going too far back in the version history (to Oct 19 and lots of edits have been made and the file is quite large/has a lot of artboards and pages). Would these things impact the VH?

Yes, it did happen in browser and desktop. Restarted my device and tried with different browser.
I couldn’t make it work, so I ended up just fixing it all manually.

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