Record a series of actions to be replayed when needed through a shortcut

I miss having a feature or plugin similar to Photoshop and Illustrator actions. I often have to do repetitive tasks that I cannot do in bulk, because specific analysis is required before a series of steps - which could be saved and replayed through a shortcut.

The functionality would consist of starting to record, saving the entire sequence of actions performed up to the moment where the recording is paused. With the recorded action, it would also be nice to be able to attribute a shortcut key for it to be executed. It would be good to apply presets and bulk change prototypes.

A recent use case example: I had to update an icon library to a new version. Some vector layers needed to be copied and pasted into the existing layers, others deleted. I could not simply replace the icons because some names had also changed and could not have their instances linked. The tasks were always in the same order with the same layer names, so this kind of feature would have saved me a lot of time.



I love this idea and was thinking I could find something along the same lines. I’m currently working on as similar project and we have 834 icons with 18 variants a piece and I’m having to go into each component and update the properties individually. It takes me approximately 2-2:30 to do one… I’ll let you do the math for how long this is going to take… :slight_smile:

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This would be extremely valuable. There’s a lot of repetitive and tedious clicking which could be resolved by letting users record simple sets of actions and apply them on masse.

Excel’s ‘repeat’ and Photoshop’s ‘actions’ are both powerful and beneficial tools which provide this functionality.

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Would also like to do this for things like exporting images.

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