REALLY need a Back Button in Figma

I’ve noticed a few requests for this, but it really surprises me that more people are not upvoting it. I cannot express enough how annoying it is for me to click on Figma links from a Jira task and then get shifted out of the current design I’m working on, only to not be able to find my way back to it. As a UX manager, I am working on 100 different design files each day, conducting design reviews, answering questions, and triaging Jira design stories. Therefore, trying to remember each file/page location is total insanity. PLEASE add a back button. Thank you.

Hey @Heath_Huffman - I’m going to merge your request to an existing one here: Quickly go to last visited page and back

Feel free to add any additional comments on that one, or start a new topic for any other feedback!

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