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Quickly go to last visited page and back

Clicking between two pages is inconvenient – there should be a hotkey for that.

Context — I have components in Page A and need to see the changes I make on Page B. I make lots and lots of small iterations to my design and want to swap between Page A and B quickly to see results.

Solution — A hotkey that jumps between last page visited and current page.

Mac: fn + ↑ or fn + ↓; or Page Up or Page Down;
Windows: Page Up or Page Down.

Works with 2 pages.

Doesn’t work with 16 pages.

In this case you may have found a bug. Report it to Figma support team via or the support request form.

@Mads wants to see a new feature, like the “Return” button on the TV remote. That is, if you went from page №3 to page №15, then pressing the shortcut will take you back to page №3, and not to 14 or 16.


@tank666 Yes, exactly.

@Gleb Sorry, wrong choice of words on my part. It does work, it’s just inconvenient.

I know this is not an essential feature. It’s a nice-to-have—if you spend multiple hours in Figma every day.

Please move thread back to ‘Product ideas’ and unsolve.

Moved and renamed to make your idea more clear.

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