Quickly go to last visited page and back

Clicking between two pages is inconvenient – there should be a hotkey for that.

Context — I have components in Page A and need to see the changes I make on Page B. I make lots and lots of small iterations to my design and want to swap between Page A and B quickly to see results.

Solution — A back and forward button (or hotkey) that let’s you jump between pages you’ve last visited and forward again.


Mac: fn + ↑ or fn + ↓; or Page Up or Page Down;
Windows: Page Up or Page Down.

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Works with 2 pages.

Doesn’t work with 16 pages.


In this case you may have found a bug. Report it to Figma support team via support@figma.com or the support request form.

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@Mads wants to see a new feature, like the “Return” button on the TV remote. That is, if you went from page №3 to page №15, then pressing the shortcut will take you back to page №3, and not to 14 or 16.


@tank666 Yes, exactly.

@Gleb Sorry, wrong choice of words on my part. It does work, it’s just inconvenient.

I know this is not an essential feature. It’s a nice-to-have—if you spend multiple hours in Figma every day.

Please move thread back to ‘Product ideas’ and unsolve.

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Moved and renamed to make your idea more clear.

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1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
I like Return to Instance but I find navigating page to page or node to node can often get quite tiresome panning to / fro.

My suggestion is to include pagination in the toolbar to help combat this, like navigating threads and channels, history in Slack or like we have on the Community dashboard.

2. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)

3. Ask questions to bring the community into the conversation
Does anyone else experience this?


+1 I totally need this! Have you found any plugins that do this currently? It might be the next one I make.


Thanks Lucian. None that I’m aware of. It would be quite something if Figma did it themselves, however you’re welcome to give it a go using your nifty plugin keyboard shortcuts :wink:

Definitely agree – I miss this feature many times a day, following links between pages and files, viewing Master Components etc – another feature I miss from Sketch + Runner Pro.


The problem: The “back to instance” button its really really helpful but in big files sometimes the navigation trough pages is hard and I feel lost. Something like this comes to my mind *Page A > Go the the master on page B> edit it > you look something, edit it > then you try to find the component to back to the instance in Page A.

The solution idea: A back and forth navigation buttons in the header (or any place). Similar to Spotify navigation button.

The back button could take you to the previous page.

Do you think we need something like this?



When you click “Go to main component”, at the bottom you will see “Return to instance”. Then after editing this component it will still be there if you select the component itself and not something inside of it. Does that help in your case?

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Hey Gleb. Nice to meet you.

Yes, the button “Return to instance” remains always on the master component I came to edit. But the problem here is that the component I came to edit doesn’t remain in my brain. :rofl: So I have to find it.
A simple back button between pages and documents could simplify the navigation. Maybe a shortcut (ie. Cmd+Left) could help too.

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Could we have a back and forward button on Figma? That would really help to navigate inside Figma file with many pages and designs. The scenario is when im jumping between many pages and have to remember what was the previous page I was in.


Very much agree with @de_la_Puente_Pantoja_Alberto and @Afiq. The example @Afiq shared from Slack is the reason I realized I was missing the feature in Figma actually.

Ideally this feature would also work using the same CMD { for previous page or CMD + } for next page.

I’m aware I can use keyboard shortcuts for navigating through all of my pages, but given that some of my files have more than 20 pages, and it takes a while to load a page I don’t feel like browsing through all of my pages to find the page I was in previously.


+1 for this. Not just for components though. I do this with coping and pasting elements from page to page

Same problem here. Going back and force between pages quickly becomes a pain when the number of pages grows. You need to remember the name of the page you’re coming from, and then look for it again in the page list. A trick that helps me a bit is to put an emoji (this one :hourglass:) in the name of the page I’m working on, so it a bit easier to spot in the list.

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+1 for a Slack-like back and forward navigation that can move you between not only pages, but tabs in the order you visited. This helps when working across contexts to ensure consistency.


It’s also an accessibility thing :bell:

I can’t be the only ADHD’er working in figma :joy:

I legit need this for those Patrick Star kinda days, per the attachment

Oddly it was never a issue with Adobe InDesign somehow, the visual pages navigator probably was a big part of that :person_in_lotus_position: