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Q: how do I move a page from one Figma file to another

Pretty simple ask: I want to move a page from one Figma to another. I don’t see a way to do it.
Select All + Cut + Paste is not a good solution as I might have locked objects that don’t come with the copy and there might be properties set on the page (background color, etc.) that I might lose.

What you are describing isn’t possible. When you press Cmd/Ctrl + A to select all objects, locked and invisible objects will also be included, so that’s not a problem. And saving background color is a matter of copy-pasting too.

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Yeah but all comments and prototype links are lost. I realize prototype links are copied if I’m in Prototype mode but comments are a big deal when you’re working at a large enterprise…

Comments are strictly tied to the file they are in. Even if you duplicate the file, it will not copy the comments. There are a lot of problems Figma team would need to solve in order to make it possible to move comments, e.g. what happens if your comment is moved to the file you don’t have access to? Will you be able to respond again? Will you be able to see the comment at all? etc.

@Gleb Comments aside, copying a complete page with all of its “pageness” to another file would be more intuitive, less effort, and is something I’m expecting to be able to do coming from Sketch. Please consider.

I don’t work at Figma. Feel free to create a new topic in #product-ideas so people can vote for it and maybe Figma team will consider it if there is enough interest.


Gotcha. Thanks, @Gleb