Prototype view settings when linking out from case study

Hi all

In my portfolio case study I have a link to a figma prototype / flow starting point with settings to view in desktop device.

My problem is the prototype opens up with some it cut off and the device off centre. If I close the side bar it rectifies.

When I am personally in Figma, playing my prototype I amn aware of the prototype settings - to hide side bar etc… which as far as I can tell has to be reset each time you view your prototype.

My problem: For visitors who don’t know figma - they are not going to know how to do this or bother to for that matter. It all opens up off centre which is not a very professional UX look when linking portfolio for job finding.

Any tips? Thanks :slight_smile:

When you share a prototype link, make sure it includes the following parameters:

  • show-proto-sidebar=0 — hides the sidebar;
  • hotspot-hints=0 — disables hotspot hints;
  • hide-ui=1 — hides Figma UI.

These parameters must be listed with an ampersand. For example: &show-proto-sidebar=0&hotspot-hints=0&hide-ui=1.

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I am a bit delayed to reply but wanted to thank you @tank666 :slight_smile:

I never used ampersand before and you taught me something new. Thanks so much!!

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