Prototype section twitching when scrolling (BUG)

When I scroll to a section, I notice some strange twitching on my prototype preview (

I enabled “Preserve scroll position,” but it still does not work. I looked online for answers but couldn’t find any…

I’m hoping someone can assist me here. Here’s the document I’m using as an example of the problem I’m having:

Hello Yanick,

You have put an interaction that happens right after the first one instantly, thus the transition is barely even noticeable and can be defined as a twitch…

To fix the issue:

  1. delete the interaction going from frame “X - 6” to frame “X - 5”.
  2. Copy/paste the gray columns from frame “X - 5” to frame “X - 6” in the order it comes & clip the content.
  3. Make sure the purple and gray columns that are in “X - 6” frame are not in fixed position.
  4. Now add interaction from the “X - 6” gray columns to frame “X - 5”:
    Mouse enter > Dissolve > Ease out > 300ms > Preserve scroll position

I highly suggest to play around with “On drag” trigger, as it should be more suitable to imitate an interaction. “Dissolve” transition is what I like to use with transforming navigation, but “Smart animate” feature is great to play around with too and is very useful at times.

I really hope this reply was of helpful

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p.s. suitability of “on drag” is based on the prototype being a touchscreen

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Hello Valerija!

It worked!!! :smiley:

I used smart animate as the prior didn’t work as instructed unfortunately. I’m definitely going to start using smart-animate more often.

Thanks for this very useful help

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