Prototype scroll position jumps when click on interactive component in auto layout

Hi, I have a interactive component (an accordion) which uses auto layout. I have it on an auto layout frame which grows when the accordion is opened.

However, When I view my prototype, if I scroll FIRST then interact with my accordion, I notice the screen jumps to the top of the page and back down to the position I’m at.

This doesn’t happen when I view my prototype, and then interact on the accordion FIRST and don’t scroll down my page.

I’m fairly new to Figma and I can’t upload any attachments, but I think it might related to scroll positions and auto layout, so I tried so many different options but I’m really stumped.

Same problem here. Has anybody fixed this?

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Same problem here. I’ve done this same type of interaction a hundred times. I noticed this started with the most recent update of Figma, around the time of config. Of course, that could have just been when I noticed it rather than when this bug started.

It’s driving me mad. I can’t even do a simple accordion in my prototypes. @figma PLEASE feedback. I’ve not had a reply to my DM either…

@Lailah @Alberto_Contreras
I did just find that if I place my autolayout object inside a Frame that the issue then goes away. You do, however, need to manually change the size of the frame to fit your autolayout object as it grows or shrinks in size.
This is still a bug and this is just a temporary work around that may help you.


@Craig12 @Alberto_Contreras So I edited my accordion prototype interact to “Instant” instead of “smart animate” when clicked. I kept the frame for the page’s height set to hug, and it looks like it resolved the issue! Does this work for y’all?

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@Lailah Yes, removing smart animate does work for me. So… it looks like it is a smart animate issue…

@Lailah figured the same. Not optimal tho since I need to have a close-to-reality prototype. The bug is there and it seems related to Smart Animate. Hope the Figma people find a workaround tho this

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