Prototype crashes after loading on iPhone, how to fix this?

Hey Robert, I am facing the same problem and can share the prototype link with you. How do I share it?

Hi @Robert_Bye do you also know how to restart a prototype from a mobile browser? Is there a shortcut we can use?

Hey everyone and Hi @Robert_Bye. How far is the progress so far regarding this problem ? I Have the same issues as everyone in this thread. I even tried making all my screens .jpg to reduce loading times and memory issues but it still doesnt work. Like @Thai_Lam already mentioned, on android it somehow works more or less fine, whereas IOS is just loading and then instantly killing the page afterwards. What im curious about is why the figma prototype uses about 5 gb of memory on my Labtop (my Prototype is about 45 slides long) EVENTHOUGH I only use .jpgs and some connections in between.

Hey @Emanuel2 I know it sounds counterintuitive, but converting things to .jpgs will actually make crashes more likely due to images using more memory than vectors.

On Android we are less limited with memory usage compared to iOS, hence why it does perform better.

@Robert_Bye I see. Thanks for your answer. When do you think will there be a solution for people with this problem ? especially for users on IOS ?

We’re still actively looking into this, and improvements have been made in the past few weeks as well :ok_hand:

I had the same issue on my android device after reinstalling Figma app.
I think there is a restriction to performance for mobile data and wi-fi, after unchecking both under settings everything works fine again

This does not fix it either, not anymore at least. It fixes it crashing in Figma mirror but not on actual website. Now the issue has gotten worse it won’t only crash but also will not complete loading. I have literally reduced my files to bare minimum and it did not resolve.

@Robert_Bye Any updates? Even reducing file size does not help, I removed all hidden layers and ungrouped all components to bare minimum. It’s extremely frustrating as we can’t do use testing with embed nor can I put any of my work on my portfolio site. Why can’t it work like the Adobe embed? I ended up transferring all my work to adobe XD and that one loads perfectly on all mobile devices and even better it stays the true screen size vs Figma size keeps the entire background/UI… transferring to Adobe is not sustainable way to do this… I am having to waste hours fixing after transfer… we need a fix/solution!

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Also having the issue causing trouble for my user tests. We’ve had to switch to Desktop and the phone view for most users…which works, but isn’t ideal.

@Robert_Bye I saw that iOS released updates in version 16 to remove Figma crashing the mobile site however Figma design file still refuses to load, I literally created a two screen prototype and even that won’t load. How are we supposed to test our prototypes? It’s ridiculous having to ask testers to download Figma mirror and create an account…

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Also having this issue and need to share the prototype with our CEO tomorrow… this is unacceptable in my opinion because this should’ve been made known before putting all this work in for a presentation that I can’t even present properly.

Minimized video sizes to 1MB, Created a separated project, cleaned up the layers, and it still doesn’t work on iPhone. Neither does it work with Figma mirror.

I am having this problem right now, and yes it with iOS devices. I am being asked by my superiors why the prototype is not working for them to test on their phones, and I don’t have any answers for them. I’m fairly certain that it’s because of file sizes, but I have reduced the files as much as I dare without them looking terrible. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

I’m testing some really simple and lightweight files on my 1gen 12.9’’ Ipad Pro and on my daughters old Xiaomi phone and guess where everything works absolutely fine and where I tried 4 browsers with stuck loading logo loop?