How to fix Prototype crashes (Desktop and Mobile)?

Hi people!

I’m building a prototype for mobile (iPhone 11 Pro) with about 45 screens without using any plugin and only Google Fonts and it has been crashing the browser every time I test it. Sometimes it refresh the entire prototype and other just gives me a gray screen of death. In Safari and Chrome desktop and mobile I also get the message of running out of memory.

I’ve tested this in:

  • MacBook Pro 16" 2020 with 32GB Ram (Safari and Chrome - Big Sur and Catalina)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 7
  • Samsung S10

Any ideas on where to look to fix this?



@Andrew_Chan can you look into this? Let me know how I can share the prototype with you to review it.

+1 Hi there, running into the same problem here :sob:

Here im having similar issues when testing. Also with worthy devices…

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Hi @Leandro_Henflen - thanks for the report! It would be really helpful if you could DM me a view link to both the prototype that’s crashing and the file itself. To make sure I have access, you can invite me in sharing settings by email (

In the meantime, if you in the interactive components beta, it may help stability to disable the feature temporarily. Other things you can do include compressing images and flattening vector illustrations.

I’m having the same issue! Please fix this as we can’t do remote user testing right now.


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we are experiencing the same issues. I’ve done multiple things but nothing helped so far. @Andrew_Chan, any chance that you have some tips to improve the performance? What I’ve done already is:

  • Removing all frames not included in the prototype
  • Removing all hidden layers
  • Compressing all big images with the downsize plugin (now our file is around 50MB when I download it in a .fig format)
  • Rasterizing shapes with big blurs
  • Moving most master components to an external library
  • Removing some of the drag interactions and smart animate
  • Using components wherever possible and made sense

Still, we are experiencing crashes and reloads on devices like iPhone SE, especially when we are trying to run the prototype through Maze.

Any tips would be appreciated as we are starting to feel that we did everything possible to improve the prototype performance.



+1 this week again encountered prototype crash issues in the browser. Through the application, the prototype loads normally, albeit for a long time. :see_no_evil:

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Hi Andrew, can you help me on this as well. My prototype keeps crashing on Maze. I’ve encountered the same problem. I have done everything possible:

  1. Reduce image size → my .fig file size is only 21MB at the moment
  2. Remove redundant frames
  3. Remove all hidden layers
  4. Remove all interactions and smart animation

if possible, please inspect my file to see if there’s any problem

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Same issue here. There are multiple posts on this issue and no solutions offered anywhere.

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Same issue for me, on high-end mobile devices with fast internet connections prototypes simply don’t load or crash after a small period of time, this makes it basically impossible to run a user test for anything larger than a few frames. What’s worse is that it seems to be a constant issue but even when raised in the support forum it’s ignored.

The only answers I’ve come across, are to remove features from your prototypes, this works sometimes but defeats the point of these features entirely. If Smart Animation, Variants and Interactive Components break prototypes then it makes me question why those features were ever shipped in the first place.

I desperately want to use Figma for user testing and prototyping but it seems right now that this might not be priority for them. For now I’m moving my prototyping needs to Framer.

I’m having the same issue. I’m working with the app instead of browsers. When I’m in design mode I have no issues. However, when I go into prototype mode, the screen starts blinking and when I get to interact with the prototype everything gets really slow. Sometimes I get a little icon that’s a sad face and I have to either restart Figma or my computer.

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@Andrew_Chan I need your help to fix mine as well. It keeps crashing in prototype mode, both app and web view. I will send you the view link via email []