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How to fix Prototype crashes (Desktop and Mobile)?

Hi people!

I’m building a prototype for mobile (iPhone 11 Pro) with about 45 screens without using any plugin and only Google Fonts and it has been crashing the browser every time I test it. Sometimes it refresh the entire prototype and other just gives me a gray screen of death. In Safari and Chrome desktop and mobile I also get the message of running out of memory.

I’ve tested this in:

  • MacBook Pro 16" 2020 with 32GB Ram (Safari and Chrome - Big Sur and Catalina)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 7
  • Samsung S10

Any ideas on where to look to fix this?



@Andrew_Chan can you look into this? Let me know how I can share the prototype with you to review it.

+1 Hi there, running into the same problem here :sob:

Here im having similar issues when testing. Also with worthy devices…

Hi @Leandro_Henflen - thanks for the report! It would be really helpful if you could DM me a view link to both the prototype that’s crashing and the file itself. To make sure I have access, you can invite me in sharing settings by email (

In the meantime, if you in the interactive components beta, it may help stability to disable the feature temporarily. Other things you can do include compressing images and flattening vector illustrations.

I’m having the same issue! Please fix this as we can’t do remote user testing right now.