Problem with my Wacom tablet.

I was recently using my Wacom tablet. It’s a Intuos CTL-480.

The problem is the cursor keeps clicking and bugging. My driver version is 6.3.41-1. It says the driver is already updated. I’ve been using it for awhile now.

I’ve tried fixing the problem by downloading a more recent version of the driver (version 6.4.0-11), the more recent one. It didn’t help. It said the driver does not offer support to the current tablet I’m using.

I also tried desinstalling the more recent version (version 6.4.0-11) and reinstalling the older version (6.3.41-1). It didn’t work, the cursor keeps bugging and clicking.

Can someone help me fix this?

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Same for me. I have several Wacom tablets, including 480. I often get this strange behavior where the object stays selected after releasing the object. For example, if I choose a text and move it from point A to B, I would still have the text selected and follow my cursor. This results in many mistakes where I have to undo my last interaction.

I would like to understand who is responsible for this issue, Wacom or Figma.

Hey there, sorry for the trouble!

Since Figma isn’t fully supported on Wacom tablets yet, this is expected that some features may work while others may not. Feel free to add your feedback for the team and vote for tablet compatibility here: