Plugin for viewers

+100 plugin access for viewers. it will make engineer friends’ life so much easier!

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Please make this happen. This would be really useful for the QA to inspect and find elements/component/content more easily among all my pages.


+10000 - this will help our developers inspect better the designs


need this feature!!


Need it too ! Pleaaase

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Really not having plugin available as viewer is senseless. If we would like to restrict any access to the design we simply revoke the access from user to it. Not every plugin will have to change the design LMAO.

Not being able to use basic features link finding text as a viewer is severely limiting! If a plugin only has read access, then it should be available to viewers.

Title says it all really, as it stands you need to have edit access to a file to run plugins. However there are tons of useful plugins like Contrast, which don’t modify anything in the user’s files, and would be useful to users with read-only access.

With widgets having just been introduce in Figma, I’ve come across the Navigate widget which helps users move around your file. This would also be useful to read-only users. And in this case the widget developer would presumably want to make it so only editors can set up the navigation, but anyone can click the button to be taken to the corresponding section of the file. In fact it’s likely to be more useful for stakeholders who are a bit less familiar with the file, who you might not want to give edit access in the first place.


ah thanks! I couldn’t find anything when searching and was surprised it hadn’t been mentioned before. Guess it had! :sweat_smile:

@mods Could you please merge my idea with the above?

I would absolutely need this as well. I don’t understand the limitation, especially for plugins like “Search” that allow for cross-frame text-based search.

If figma would add some sort of “Search in file” similarly to sketch where you filter the layer stack based on the name of the layer, this wouldn’t even be needed imo.

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I agree with that but there are multiple plugins I would say the same thing for! Surely a lot easier to allow read-only plugins than for Figma to build out several pieces of functionality to not need plugins!

+1! This is a must, devs need plugins for their workflows. Figma team please add support for this.

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+100. We have a widget that we use to generate handoff details for devs. Currently we are not able to fully leverage the widget since devs can run the code that updates it. It’s particularly confounding since the Widget API documentation literally starts with:

Widgets are interactive objects that extend the functionality of design files and FigJam boards. Unlike plugins that run for a specific person, everyone can see and interact with the same widget. You can add as many widgets to the board as you need and even run them at the same time. This makes them great for collaboration!

No caveat’s about everyone only being those with edit-access mentioned anywhere in the Widget documentation, that I can find.


You should have read the Help Center article:

Only people with can edit access to the file can interact with widgets, including visitors in open sessions. This is because it’s possible for widgets to edit or interact with other layers and objects in the file.

+1 for this feature

Duplicating a document every time it changes is kind of messy.

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+1 please add this. It will help dev and design teams greatly

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+1 for this feature.

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+1 amazing that can’t do this.

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+1, definitely need this for viewer navigation for example (navigate to specific nodes)

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