Payment on Pro plans not fully flexible between Figma and figjam

So I recently started using the professional plan on Figma at my company and ran into problems with FigJam.

I don’t understand why one can’t use FigJam even the free version because I’m on a professional plan with Figma? During payment I didn’t tick FigJam.

I thought since I didn’t pay for the pro version for FigJam that I wouldn’t have access to the pro features but still be able to use FigJam starter version even if its one file or something cause I hardly use FigJam much.

Please put a disclaimer or notification that tells the user that he will be charged cause the FigJam available now has pro features along the professional plan…if he didn’t actually pay for FigJam during payment. It’s not clear especially for new pro users dipping their toes. If not this could be considered a deceptive pattern!

And I don’t see the reason why we can’t be able to still have the FigJam starter package even. cause I have to maybe use my personal account for FigJam if I ever want to or go to some other whiteboarding tool.

Also do same with the disclaimer when one is about to give edit access to someone else Cause one would expect that the file should be able to do that without incurring more charges on the pro plan… not clear otherwise.

Now I have to go explain to my company why they would be charged again this month when I have already gotten Figma annual sub

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Thank you for this.
I also had the same issue, I paid for Annual payment for Figma (Expires Oct 2024)
I use FigJam for 5 sec’s and boom, they chatge you $5 and then a dropdown of failed payments appear…

Hey Andrew! We understand your frustration. This usually happens because there are added seats outside the original annual agreement. I saw in our backend that you have fille out a ticket, for your reference your number is #860260. I’ve escalated internally. Thanks for your patience in the meantime :pray:

I am facing a similar issue at the moment and I’m unsure of the next steps, nowhere in the plan they have mentioned anything about FigJam unpaid version accessibility neither did they mentioned to charge extra if you do use it